March 25, 2021


Free Shipping

Ohmy girls! Thursday the 25th of March you can shop the prettiest spring items in our webshop with free shipping on ALL orders! Who wouldn't want that? Shop our amazing Spring Collection now.

Use our discount code: SPRING for free shipping on your order!

Hurry up girls! This great promotion is only valid today! Shop now on our website. Our beautiful Spring collection is online and there are some great items you can't miss this season! We have new shoes, chic suits and cute dresses. Also, our Capsule collection of jewelry is launched. So don't forget to take a look and shop your faves there as well. Our spring collection is our biggest ever, so there is something for everyone!

Cute spring dresses
Are you still looking for the perfect dresses for the new season? Don't worry! We have many different cute dresses for you to choose from. Short or long? With a nice print or just basic? The Michella - Dress is a super fine model with a nice floral print on it. Very casual but still cute and not to mention, it's really nice because of the stretch in it girl! For the girls who love the maxi dress. We have some super cute ones for you at Olivia & Kate. The Lois - Maxi Dresses come in many different colors and have the perfect length. Shop now! Do you love the classy dresses? The Jemma - Dress is such a cute blazer dress! Available in pink, green or casual black. As you can see, we  Olivia & Kate have plenty of choices for you girls!

Playsuits and Jumpsuits
should not be forgotten as an item for the warmer days! Our latest playsuits are too cute to pass up. The Lotti - Playsuits are your life saver! We have these cute playsuits in 6 different colors! Maybe you want 2 of these? Then shop fast today, because it is't free shipping day! During spring the weather can sometimes be a bit chilly. Then our Paislee- Jumspuits are a top item! With the long pants and long sleeves this top is perfect!
So shop your favorite jumpsuits or playsuits at Olivia & Kate.

New shapewear by Olivia & Kate
OHMY! Olivia & Kate now has a shapewear collection. Amazing right? Especially during the summer days, our shapewear is ideal. We have special shorts for under a skirt or pants. Like our London - Mini Shorts. Available in black and beige. For under a dress you can shop our Ballroom - Dress. These are ideal for under a dress if you just want to create more waist. All our shapewear items are super comfy and made of stretchy material. Only today with free shipping babes!

Matching items

As always we also have great sets in our collection. These are sold separately but can all be perfectly combined with each other! The Lisette - Blazeris a must have girl! Wear with it our Lisette - Pants for the colder days or when the weather gets warmer the Lisette - Shorts.AMAZING! A great set for spring. These items are available in bright spring colors. Like mint green, lilac purple and bright pink. Real eye-catchers girl! Or if you prefer quieter colors we have thesets also in black or beige! Which color is your favorite? The items are also great to combine with other Olivia & Kate products. For example, the Jade- Top or the Leah- Mom jeans. Mix and match it all! With these items you are ready for the new season!

Besides the Lisette items we also have our Thalia and Jaimy sets. We love it! These sets look like a dress but they are also great to wear separately and combine with one of our other items to create a totally different look. The Jaimy- sets have a very nice floral pattern. The fabric is also nice and airy. The Thalia-set is also a must-have item in your wardrobe this spring, girl! It consists of a blouse with a skirt that looks like a skirt, so a skort! These sets have nice details and an elastic band around the waist. These are great to combine with our Carter - Boots or for a more chic look our Elsie - Heels. Looking for a more comfy set? The Beverly - Sets in beige and blue are definitely the right solution girl! Super comfy and also nice to wear separately from each other. And last but not least the Scottie - Top together with the Scottie - Skirt. These items are also sold separately but are great to wear as a set. What color is your fave? Are you going for blue or green? So take a look at our sets and put them quickly in your shopping bag! Because you can't miss out on them! And now without shipping costs, so hurry hurry girls!

The cutest accessories

Of course we also have some new accessoriesfor you in our spring collection. With these accessories you can complete your outfit. Shop now our Ami - Hat. Available in 3 colors. How fun for summer! Still looking for a new belt for spring? Go for ourTabitha Tiger - Belt. This belt completes any outfit! You all know our Sophia - Bags.Now we also have a mega fun color in our collection for you. Neon orange. So pretty! Also the other colors of the Sophia bag are still super nice for the coming season! So shop only today your favorite accessories with free shipping!

So all these items you can shop today only without shipping costs!!! Super nice girls! So score all these must-haves quickly because gone is gone babe! For other Olivia & Kate products, take a look at our interior, jewelry and gifts category.

Happy shopping babes!

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