February 05, 2021


Warm sweaters day! Today is your chance to buy your favorite knits with huge stacking discounts! You don't wanna miss this babe!

- Buy 2 sweaters, get 20% off
- Buy 3 sweaters, get 30% off
- Buy 4 sweaters, get 40% off

BRRR! The cold winter days are here again, and of course you can't miss a nice warm sweater in your wardrobe babe! You see ladies sweaters in all different shapes and sizes. It varies from an oversized sweater and a turtleneck to a hoodie or a lovely sweater. Shop all your favorite sweaters now at the Olivia & Kate webshop! Need inspiration? Keep on reading and find out how you can mix and match!


An oversized sweater is an item you should definitely have in your closet. These are totally hot! They are not only super fashionable but they are also delicious! Combine your oversized sweater with skinny jeans or leather leggings. This way you create a look that suits you! You don't want to take off your oversized sweater anymore, do you?


A sweater with a turtleneck is perfect for the winter! It looks super nice and it keeps you warm. You can combine a turtleneck with a cool pair of jeans for a tough look. Are you more into chic? Combine your turtleneck with a skirt and some nice jewelry like gold earrings and a beautiful bracelet. In our collection we have several nice sweaters with turtleneck in different colors. Are you going for a basic black turtleneck or a beautiful pink one? Of course you can also go for both. The choice is yours!

Girl with a sweater is always good! It looks nice, it's super comfy and it can be combined with anything! Sweaters are great on skinny jeans, flared pants but also on a skirt it looks super pretty. With a sneaker underneath you can make the look nice and comfy but with boots you can make the outfit a little bit cooler. If you want to go for a chicer look but still want to wear something that feels good, you can also wear your favorite sweater with a pair of heels, or wear a blouse under your sweater so that the collar comes out of it, that looks really cute too! You can't think of anything else that can look good on a sweater. Check out our large collection of sweaters, spencers and sweater dresses and make your winter outfit complete!

Of course a sweater dress may not be missing in your closet. These dresses are nice and warm to get you through the winter and they look great too. In sweater dresses there is also a lot of variation. Are you going for a knit sweater dress? One with a neckline? Or will you go for a long spencer that you can wear as a dress? A sweater dress can be worn with tights or, when it's colder, with leather leggings. You can make your outfit even more fun with tights with a pattern or dots. This is totally hot! Also, a sweater dress looks great with high boots. Wear a sweater dress for example with the beautiful Sasha heels. Do you prefer a more rugged look? Then you can also wear the sweater dress with the Merlin boots. Style a sweater dress just the way you want it babe!


Also, spencers are a very nice must for your closet this season. Spencers were all the rage this fall, and they are here to stay this winter! From plaid spencers to spencer dresses, we love them all! Wear a spencer with a beautiful blouse underneath and a pair of tights or leather leggings and you're ready to go! Want to know more about spencers and how you can combine them? Check out our other blog about the spencer trend!

We at Olivia & Kate also love hoodies. They're really comfortable! Wear it at home on the couch with sweatpants or create a great look with a hoodie and black leather pants. Go for a printed hoodie or a nice white one. If you don't have a hoodie on your jacket, it's super easy to pull up the hood of your hoodie. How convenient is that?! This way you stay warm in this cold weather!

With this cold weather, a sweater is an item you can wear every day, but a sweater is not only nice with these cold days. Even in the summer or spring, a sweater is a wonderful garment! It is perfect for when it cools down in the evening after a wonderful day at the beach. In short, you can never have enough sweaters babe!


Have you seen the amazing sweaters from Olivia & Kate the brand yet? These are wonderfully soft sweaters from our own brand! We have several beautiful styles such as the vienna knit with round neck or the beautiful oversized Bowie knit. The Bowie knit comes in five different colors. Namely black, green, dark green, grey and beige. We are in love with all colors! Which one is your favorite?

At Olivia & Kate, we have so many different types of sweaters! If you're looking for a balloon sleeve sweater or a short sweater, you can always go for a cropped sweater! A cropped sweater is super comfy and looks really great. Combine it with high waist jeans and you look great! We also have many different colors of sweaters. From cheerful bright colors to the basics that can't be missed in your closet. We got it all! Take a look and score your favorite sweater so you won't get cold this winter girl!

You can order all sweaters and other great items from the comfort of your own home at the Olivia & Kate webshop. If your favorite sweater is sold out, please register with the product. You'll receive an email when it's back in stock. That's super convenient, right? You can also give all your favorite items a heart. These will all end up on your wishlist. This way you can easily see which items you really can't miss in your closet!

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