Capsule collection sunglasses
Summer incoming girls! Don't have a nice pair of sunglasses yet? No problem babes, as of today we are launching our newest sunglasses collection at Olivia & Kate! WOW! So take a look at our sunnies on our website!

First of all, you can't miss a good pair of sunglasses during the summer! They protect your eyes from the sun! But sunglasses are not only for protection, they are also a real must-have! Sunglasses can set the mood for your outfit. Are you missing that extra touch? Wear sunglasses!

Retro Sunglasses
For all the classy girls out there! We have super trendy sunglasses at Olivia & Kate! Like our Cilia - sunglasses. These sunglasses have a large frame. This exudes a real classy look! These sunglasses are available in clasic black, but we also have them in a super nice brown color. Can't choose? Choose both! Do you want a different style? Then go for our Ida - Sunglasses for example. These are also very big, but have a slightly more cat-eye shape. These sunglasses are very hip for girls! Shop now!

Square Sunglasses
In our collection, we also have super luxurious square-framed sunglasses. This is the latest trend for this summer! Take the Vinca - Sunglasses for example. These trendy sunglasses are too much fun to wear this summer! Super nice for a change because these glasses are just a little bit different and therefore give a nice look. The Ymke - Glasses may also not be missing girl! These glasses are just in between a square and a round model. These glasses have something in common with both! So if you are looking for this perfect combo? We have it all at Olivia & Kate.

Glasses with color
You're not into solid colors and you want a totally different look? Then we have the perfect pair of sunglasses for you in our new collection girl! These sunglasses are also 'THE TREND' of the year! Our Channah - Sunglasses are a real must! We have a model with light blue lenses. Super cool! Also, these sunglasses have a rectangular shape! This makes the sunglasses even more special. These sunglasses are perfect to wear with a basic outfit. For example, an all black fit or just all white. This gives your basic outfit a nice touch! No worries! We also have these glasses in brown! Super nice to combine with an outfit in the same color tone for example! Do you like blue and brown? Buy them both!

Subtle sunnies
Are you not a fan of sunglasses with big glasses? Then we have some basic sunglasses for you! These may be smaller but they are still just as trendy girls! The Aubry - Sunglasses are very subtle. Available in black and brown. These sunglasses have a relaxed trendy vibe! These sunglasses are perfect to wear to a festival or a lovely day in the garden or at the beach! It's all possible girl! The Sammie -Sunglasses are also very subtle but have round lenses. Very basic but also very stylish! The Ines - Sunglasses are also a fave! These are great to wear to the beach! A vitamin Sea is all you need these days!

Style inspo
Super nice all these must haves! But how do you style our sunglasses? We're going to get to the bottom of this for you! With a cool outfit like our Hazel- Gilet with our Maia-pants, the Vincia- Sunglasses are a must! All black and leather. Amazing! Are you more the type to wear dresses during the summer? Got you! The new Iza - Dress together with our Carter - Boots! A super trendy and comfortable outfit. What could finish this outfit better than the Ines - Sunglasses. Very subtle and yet gives a classy look to this outfit.

Different hairstyles can also make your sunglasses stand out. Therefore, we give you some fun hairstyle ideas that are perfect to wear with our sunnies! We pretty much all know it. The sleek bun! A super classy and luxurious hairstyle! By wearing this tight bun, the sunglasses stand out better on the face. The sleek bun also looks very luxurious with theBrooke - Sunglasses. Would you rather show off your hair? Then you can also wear a sleek ponytail! This way the hair is out of sight but you can still see your beautiful curls or straight hair! Love it!

Let's go to the beach!
Of course, our sunglasses collection is perfect to wear to the beach! We also have some amazingly trendy swimsuitsin our new girls collection! These are great to style with our new sunglasses. The Gaomi - Swimsuit is very basic but with one of the Cilia - glasses you'll be ready for the beach! So cute! The Gwen bikini looks great together with the Channah Blue glasses. Because they are both blue, this is a perfect match. If you're more of a swimmer, then go for the Gwen Blue Swimsuit, which is also great to combine with the blue glasses of Channah. The Puck - Short with our Courtney - Top and the Judie - Sandals are perfect as an outfit for a nice dinner at a nice terrace on the beach or a nice walk with your bestie! And what better way to match them than with the Aubry - Glasses!

As you can see, our sunglasses can be combined with many great items from our website. Sunglasses are indispensable this spring and summer babes! They protect and complete your outfit! Brown, black, square or subtle? We have it all for you! All of our sunglasses are very trendy and available at a super affordable price! Amazing right?

So shop your fave sunnies and many other products from our latest collection at Olivia & Kate now! Because you can't miss it!
Happy shopping and let the sun shine girl!