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At Olivia & Kate, we have super great items for the home! Brighten up your home with great home decoration! Take a look at our collection and get decoration interior ideas to give your home or bedroom interior a new look! Do you already know which home decoration items you are going to buy?

We love Marie-Stella-Maris products for the home. Go for example for a lovely room spray or for the fragrance sticks perfumed with the iconic scent No.12 Objets d'Amsterdam. Not to mention the hand soap and hand lotion these products are not only wonderfully nurturing but also stylish in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet. So make your home even cozier with the decoration and care products on our website!

Scented items

Fragrance sticks are often used to provide your home with pleasant scents. They offer a simple and constant scent diffusion that can make your space pleasant, a wonderfully scented home will certainly surprise and welcome guests.

The wooden sticks are placed in the bottle of fragrance oil. The sticks act and capillaries. The pores in the wood absorb the fragrance oil. Once the fragrance oil is absorbed by the sticks, the capillary action begins to do its job. The oil is pulled up through the sticks. At the end of the sticks, the fragrance oil gradually evaporates into the air. This causes the fragrance to spread throughout the room.

You can influence scent intensity by how many sticks you place in the bottle and how often you turn them over. More sticks and more frequent flipping result in a more intense scent, while fewer sticks and less frequent flipping result in a more subtle scent. Fragrance sticks offer long-lasting scent diffusion because the fragrance oils gradually evaporate and the sticks continue to absorb the oil as long as it is present in the bottle. In addition to their scent diffusing function, fragrance sticks are often used as a decorative element in the home because of their aesthetic appeal. The bottles and sticks can match the decor of your home.

A room spray is a liquid solution composed of fragrant oils and water or another diluting liquid. These fragrant oils can come from natural sources, such as flowers, fruits, or be produced synthetically to mimic specific scents.

Room sprays are usually packaged in spray bottles with an atomizer. As the droplets evaporate, the fragrant molecules disperse throughout the room. This results in a pleasant scent that refreshes the air and masks any unwanted odors.

Hand Products
Remember that hand care is important not only for aesthetics, but also for your overall health and comfort. It is especially very important in dry or cold seasons when skin can easily dry out and crack. Using hand products regularly can keep your hands healthy and well cared for.

In addition, the hand products Olivia & Kate sells also look a lot of fun, brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or toilet with a nice design! Olivia & Kate is sure to have a product that fits your personal preferences and your interior!

Hand cream
is an essential product to keep your hands moisturized.Choose a cream specially formulated for hand care that contains ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, almond oil or lanolin to moisturize and protect the skin.

A mild and moisturizing hand soap is important to keep your hands clean without drying them out.Consider using a hand soap that is free of harsh chemicals and sulfates.

Hand disinfectant gel
in the times of disease outbreaks or viruses a hand remedy to kill bacteria and viruses. Make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol for effective disinfection. Really don't use hand disinfectant too often because it can dry out your skin.

With us there are also complete hand care sets available with different products for an extensive hand care routine. Our hand care sets consist of a hand lotion together with a hand soap also we have a hand care set with a hand gel and hand cream, super nice to give a hand care set as a gift or to pamper yourself!

Care products

We women like to pamper ourselves once in a while. It's okay to reward yourself for hard work or that school assignment you finished! As described earlier, we have wonderful hand products to soothe your skin for a while. Or do you prefer other skincare such as lip balm, we sell a lip balm with lots of moisturizing ingredients of 12ml super handy for your handbag or nice in a toiletry bag to keep!

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Do you want to check out the home accessories at home first to see if they fit the interior? No problem! We have a return period of 30 days, so plenty of time to decide!

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