Show your love
Girl, we bet your mom could use some extra love this Mother’s Day! In your childhood years you might have been able to get away with barely edible breakfast at bed, and your children’s drawings were being received as if they were a real Picasso, but now it’s time to step up the game and show her some real love!

Huh, Mother’s Day? Is it that time of the year again? On which day will it be Mother’s Day again? Not so handy to find out when it’s already too late, babe! That’s why we’ve listed all our Mother’s Day tips & tricks extra early for you, so you can already start prepping now to make sure you won’t miss out on the opportunity to surprise your mom for Mother’s Day 2021. Let your mom know how special she is, with an amazing Mother’s Day gift. She’s gonna love it for sure!

On the 9th of May 2021 it will be Mother’s Day in the Netherlands and Mother’s Day in Belgium. Of course, you want to show your mom how much she means to you. But do you not know what to do for Mother’s Day or what to get for Mother’s Day? We’ll share a fun Mother’s Day gift idea, that consists of three simple steps. Have a look girl, and head to our webshop for a happy mother!

It all starts with a bag…
A pretty handbag is a women’s best friend! We don’t know any woman that doesn’t love a nice handbag. And we think you can never have enough of them, because you can use a different handbag for every occasion. Bags are super fashionable, and they also make every outfit better. With a chic bag you’ll bring your casual outfit to a higher level, or it will finish off your feminine look. But a beautiful handbag won’t only make you look super cute, it’s also very handy to have one with you.

What do you say, babe? Lip gloss, pen, mobile phone, wallet, hand gel, hand lotion, keys, make-up, toiletry bag for that time of the month… Men don’t always get what we carry around with us, but don’t you agree these things are all very handy and necessary? It’s pretty clear by now: we love bags! They look amazing but also make it easy to bring your favourite items with you wherever you go. That’s why a beautiful bag is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Have you noticed the latest trend in bags? THE trend of the hour are unicolour leather bags featuring a diamond pattern. The diamonds in the leather give the bag an almost royal appearance. And we get why they’re so popular!These leather bags have a luxurious look and are made out of real leather. Buy one for your mom, and everybody will be able to tell she’s following the latest trends in fashion! And because bags fit everybody, you don’t have
to guess her sizes either. We’ll share our three favourite luxurious leather bags with diamond pattern below. Which one is your fave?

Our first pick is the Sophia bag. Totally cute, right? The Sophia is modest in size, but big enough for all your personal belongings. It features a magnetic closure, chain strap and inside pocket. Isn’t that handy? At Oliva & Kate’s we love the golden accents of this bag, which make it very stylish. And do you know what’s totally awesome? The Sophia comes in many different colours. Would your mom like to play it safe with black, beige or taupe? Or would she rather steal the show with a pretty blue or lilac bag? You know your mom best, girl! The choice is yours!

Maybe your mom’s a real business babe, always carrying a lot of paperwork around? Or does she like to be able to simply take more things with her? In that case the Clarissa would be right up her ally, girl! Thanks to the chain strap, the diamond pattern and the golden accents, this bag has the same style as the Sophia, but it’s much bigger. This will allow your mom to take even more of her favourite things with her when she walks out the door. Win!
The bag comes in beige and in black. Which one do you like better? We can’t choose, they’re both wonderful. If you combine a comfy outfit with this beautiful bag and finish it up with golden jewellery, you’ll look very trendy. Wanna dress to impress? Combine an all- black outfit with a luxurious black leather bag. We love it!

Our third fave is the Audrey medium. You guessed it! This bag is also made out of real leather and features the beautiful diamond pattern. However, this pretty bag is also available in red and black, which makes it THE bag for fashion conscious ladies. It’s also available in a smaller version: a handy black bag for your true essentials. Get ready for a ladies night out!
You get it! Whether you’ll pick the Sophia, Carissa or Audrey, one of these three beautiful luxurious bags will make a great Mother’s Day gift. Check our webshop and see which one’s best for your mom!


Fill it with goodies…
A fashionable leather bag is in itself already a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. But we think it’s even more fun to fill it up with all sorts of nice goodies for Mother’s Day. What do you think, girl? Wouldn’t it be a great surprise for your mom to receive a pretty leather bag? And then she opens it and discovers even more great Mother’s Day presents inside? At Olivia & Kate’s
we sell all sorts of fun gifts that would make perfect Mother’s Day presents. Keep on reading and start shopping!

You can’t go wrong with jewellery! All women love jewellery, right? At Olivia & Kate’s we sell pretty necklaces, earrings and bracelets that will truly show your love for your mom: because they spell the words LOVE or AMOUR. We think the Posie Silver and Posie Gold necklace for example would make great Mother’s Day jewellery. These necklaces spell AMOUR with a beautiful heart shape instead of the ‘O’. And they’re made from stainless steel, to assure they won’t discolour. With this necklace everybody will be able to see you
cherish your mom. And have you already seen the Raja, Aivy and Elaine jewellery? They also spell the words LOVE or AMOUR, but the letters are engraved in small round silver charms.They’ll allow your mom to carry your love around with her every day! Which shiny jewellery is the best fit for your mom, babe? Whichever one you choose, we’re sure she’ll look fabulous with this Mother’s Day jewellery.

Apart from a pretty piece of jewellery, it’s a great idea to wrap up a beautiful candle and put it in the bag with the other goodies. Bubble candles are totally HOT at the moment! But you can also choose a nice candle in a pretty wrapping that carries a special message. Which one will you give your mom? Will you pick ‘You’re golden’ or rather take the one reading ‘Thanks’? Girl, these charming candles will not only light her room, but also her heart!

Life is better with chocolate, girl! A Mother’s Day gift that’s for everybody’s taste is chocolate. The Crazy Leopard from our webshop contains delicious Belgium chocolate and is also nicely wrapped. Spoil your mom and buy some today! Does your mom not have a sweet
tooth, but does she love a soothing bath or a hot shower? Replace the Crazy Leopard chocolate for Crazy Leopard Shower Foam. Pamplemousses + Patchouli + Watermelon = one happy mom!

Let the sunshine in! Sunglasses are not only a useful accessory for summer days, but nowadays also a true fashion item. This makes new sunglasses a very nice Mother’s Day gift. The Ariana Round comes with black, but also with trendy green glasses. Or give your mom a pair of cat-eye sunglasses like the Tarah or Fenna. We love them! Your mom will too!
We have one more great Mother’s Day gift idea. Is your mom a bit spiritual? Buy the Moon & Stars Velvet Pouch and fill it with a gorgeous gemstone, or a set of pretty inspiration cards. We think the big moon on the soft fabric is very appropriate. Because you love her to the moon and back, right?

And a personal note…

A Mother’s Day gift wouldn’t be complete with a sweet Mother’s Day card in which you tell your mom why she’s so special to you. Shop the sweetest Mother’s Day cards at Olivia & Kate! Buy one that says: ‘You’re my fave or ‘You’re magic’. Your mom would of course be most happy with a personal letter or a Mother’s Day poem, but if you need more inspiration, you can find the cutest Mother’s Day texts and Mother’s Day quotes online. And you know what would be fun, girl? Grab your red lipstick and press a good kiss on the paper, next to your name. Or cut hearts out of red paper and add them to the envelope with the Mother’s Day card. So sweet!

Are things a bit tight?
Do you have a bit less money to spend this month? Or – we get it! – did you already shop too much? We’ve got some clever Mother’s Day ideas that can save you some money! Super smart!
For a cheaper Mother’s Day gift, you can give your mom a beautiful leather bag without filling it with extra Mother’s Day presents. Instead, you’ll fill it with homemade vouchers for: dinner (you’ll cook AND do the dishes), getting her groceries, a coffee date, walk the dog etcetera. These things don’t have to cost you any money but will definitely make your mom very happy!

Does a leather bag also not fall within your budget? For a cheap Mother’s Day gift, you can buy a pretty cardholderand fill it with your homemade coupons or with a stack of your prettiest pictures together. Isn’t that too cute? For this purpose, our golden cardholders in the shape of a turtle, seashell, daisy or rainbow will be totally amazing! You’ve got to see this girl! A perfect gift doesn’t need to be expensive!

Another great idea to save some money? Maybe you have any siblings that also don’t know what to buy for Mother’s Day. You could already offer them to order everything for Mother’s Day and ask them to chip in afterwards! In this way your mother will receive a great package, you don’t have to pay for everything, and your siblings will be grateful because you organized everything so well. Win, win, win!

Finally, you can also choose to give your mom an Oliva & Kate gift card. Isn’t that handy? With a gift card you can go shopping together with your mom and pick something together. Even when her gift of choice is out of your budget, yourgift card still made a contribution to her perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Not just for your mom
Not just for your mom, but for any mom! Did your BFF, neighbour or sister recently become a mom? It’s totally cool to spoil her with Mother’s Day, of course. Who wouldn’t like to receive a nice Mother’s Day gift and know there’s someone thinking of you? And we get it, girl! You probably also fell in love with these cute gifts yourself. Spoil yourself, babe! We won’t judge!

These great Mother’s Day gifts are not only great for your mom. Make yourself, or someone else happy with our amazing gifts. Every occasion is a good occasion to spread the love!