... They are indispensable! Shoes are very decisive for how your outfit looks. We've collected the cutest shoes for you, from sneakers to cowboy boots. We all have it for you girls!

Our new shoe collection is very extensive. We've done a great job of unpacking for you girls! These shoes are perfect for every season. We have the perfect matching shoes for every occasion. Our shoes are available at a super pleasant price. Of course our shoes are stylish and very trendy. We think shoes are very important to style your outfit. Our collection is very large, so there is enough choice for everyone. Which pair is your fave?

Let's start with the comfy ones! As always, our new shoe collection is all about comfiness. Everybody wants nice shoes for a nice price and not to forget to be able to walk all day on them. Our Tammy - Sneakers are the perfect solution! The sole is made in such a way that the sneakers have a lot of grip. This is of course very handy! The shoes are white with colored details. The Tammy - Sneakers are available in the color neon orange. This color gives the sneakers a different look. Also you can't miss our Alani - Sneakers! These are available in a beige with pink color. The sneakers are very nice to combine with almost any outfit. For example, with a maxi dress or just a skirt. But of course you can also combine the sneakers with a tough outfit. A baggy jeans or one of our split flared pants. It's all possible girls!


Kick everything with the right boots!
Besides our sneakers, we also have super cute boots in our collection! The Dionne - boots are super trendy and very comfortable. The boots are very high. This is very useful for the colder days. The Dionne boots are almost wearable in every season! The boots are available in black. Nothing can go wrong with black! The shoes have a small heel. This gives the boots a sexy vibe.
Are you just crazy about cowboys boots. We got you! We have the perfect boots for you. Our Carter - boots! These boots are the perfect pair for a skirt or playsuit. The boots have a middle length with a small heel. Because of the white color they fit with any outfit. On the Carter - boots is a small detail in the material. This gives the boots a real cowboy look. WE LOVE IT!

 Our Rachelle - Boots are also to fall in love with! These boots have a heel of 9 cm. The inside of the shoe is filled with super soft fur. So soft! The boots have a light croco detail. Love it!

A pair of nude brown boots is key! Our Hayden - Boots you can absolutely not miss! We have these ankle boots in a beautiful light brown color. But we also have them in classic black. A pair of black boots is always good to have in your closet! The boots are made of suede. This gives the boots a chic look. On the nose of the boots is a steel detail in the color gold. This makes the shoes more edgy. With the zipper, the boots are easy to pull on and off. Also on these boots are light details in the material. It's all about the details girls!


Our sexy heels!
We love a good pair of high heels! In our new collection, of course, heels cannot be missed. Do you like a nice open heel with a wrap around design? Then the Emmely - Heels are perfect for you! These heels are available in a sleek white color. A top item for the summer. The heels are almost completely open and have a square heel. Because of the wrap around straps you can wear them how you like. These heels are really amazing under one of our Belle - Dresses or skirts. Because the heels are white they go extra well with colorful items.

Is the wrap not quite your thing? No problem! The Sissy Heels are almost the same as the Emmely Heels but a little different. 
Our new Elsie - Heels are a combination of the Emmely and the Sissy - Heels. These heels are also open and have a smaller wrap around design. These heels also have a block heel and as usual we have a black version of these. Super classy. Amazing!

Of course, we can't forget the ankle boots! Our latest Rachelle - Boots are the perfect boots for you. These boots are available in black and white. Top colors that you can style with any outfit. Because of the croco-like pattern, these boots are very cool and make the boost ent something different than all the other shoes. WE LOVE LTTLE DETAILS!
Style those shoes
Our shoes are always good to combine with almost everything! This is of course super nice. First of all the sneakers. The Tammy - Sneakers are for example perfect under the Malu - Ripped Jeans. Not only do these sneakers look good under baggy jeans. No, these sneakers also look great with one of our Knit Dresses. A cute fit with a tough twist! Are you more of a boots off type of girl? We got you. High boots? Then the Dionne Boots and the Carter Boots are perfect! These are high and radiate the real western look. These items are perfect under one of our Mikky - Skirts. Of course these boots also look great with a simple skinny jeans. Do you like boots but rather up to the ankle? The Hayden-Boots are your lifesaver! Nice to combine with dresses or just with a nice playsuit. For the winter a jumpsuit is perfect! Finally our heels. What can you combine these heels with? Dresses, jumpsuits and mom jeans. It all works! By wearing a dress the Emmely - Heels come out super nice. We are in love!

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