April 12, 2021


Dearest readers  
The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, as the latest social season is upon us. And if anyone who shall reveal the circumstances to the upcoming trends, it is Lady Olivia. So it’s my honor to present you: the newest spring collection. The royal stay-cation will kick of a rather exciting season. And my dearest reader, if there is a scandal, I shall uncover it.
And within the latest scoop, there is just one question that remains unsolved. To impress the queen, it is important to wear the most beautiful dress of the ball. ‘Flawless my dear’ is what the queen told the diamond of this season, Duchess Kate. 
The evening before the ball, all debutans were invited into the house of duchess kate. A royal sleepover was held, where they enjoyed their pastries & spilled some tea. No gossip was left undiscussed. But remember girls: the rumours you hear about me, are as true as the ones i write about you. Even more gossip was made to talk about when the night ended with dancing on the table.
What will the diamond of the season, duchess Kate, wear to the most important soire of the season?

In her emerald colored dress, she enters the ballroom. Her presence doesn’t remain unnoticed. All eyes were upon her, especially the duke’s. May I have this dance? Is what the duke asked her & she knew right away that she lost her heart, as we say the most curious of instruments. 

The sunday after the big soire of the season, all debutans waited at home for their suiters to arrive. While the room was filled with all her admirers, the only one she missed in the room was the duke. We were all surprised when suddenly the duke arrvived & told her she deserves nothing less, she deserves everything her heart desires”.

My dearest readers, I always tell you that all is fair in love & war, & so it’s my honor to present you: the marriage of duchess kate & the duke.

Yours truly,
Lady Olivia

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