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Crop tops
became popular in the 90s. But in 2021, crop tops are totally HOT again! Make sure you don't miss this trend and quickly shop a crop top outfit in our women's clothing store, or buy one online in our web store! Hurry up babe, you don't want to miss this!

Trendy crop tops
What is a crop top? Crop top is the English name for a belly shirt: a short top that usually leaves a piece of the belly exposed. In the 90s crop tops were mainly combined with low waist pants and belly button piercings, but in 2021 crop tops in combination with high waist pants are very trendy. In addition, there are many more crop top variations nowadays. Choose a long sleeve crop top, a crop top sweater, a bandeau top or a crop bikini top. Do you prefer an off shoulder crop top or a crop top without straps? The possibilities are endless girl! We love all of them!

Because crop tops are so versatile, you can combine them in many different ways. Keep reading, girl: we'll explain how! Here we tell you all about this season's crop top trends, share with you Olivia & Kate's crop top collection and help you get inspired to style your new crop top. Want more tips & tricks? Call your BFF and come store at Olivia & Kate.Of course you can buy many more cute tops from us. And we don't just have women's clothes, you'll also find the latest interior & lifestyle products in our store and in our webshop. You're welcome babe!

Colourful crop tops

Have you heard about the latest crop top trends? Besides the black crop top and the white crop top you are also very fashionable this season with a pastel colored crop top. Combine a light blue top with an oversized cardigan or a lilactopwith a dark jacket. Pastel colors are easy to combine with other colors and give a real spring feeling. Who wouldn't want that? At Olivia & Kate's we have crop tops in these lovely spring colors and summer tops in more daring colors. Maybe you'd like to buy a sultry red crop top, a beautiful blue top or an orange crop top for King's Day? The sky is the limit babe!

Different trendy models
A second trend in crop tops are crop tops with special necklines. A crop top with a v-neckline emphasizes your feminine shapes. Show off that body, girl! Also with a crop top that you tie in the front, you create a kind of v neck top. But besides a v neck crop top there are even more cool necklines available. For example, besides the long sleeve crop top with a high round neck, there is also a sweater crop top with a hood. A crop top hoodie is very comfortable and looks

Choose lace

Besides croptops in beautiful colors and with special necklines, this year we also see crop tops made of different materials and exciting fabrics. Crop tops made of lace, for example, are real must-haves for fashion-conscious ladies and suitable as a sexy crop top. Also bustier tops emphasize your figure. If you want to achieve a more sweet look, you can also choose a crocheted crop top instead of a lace crop top.

Our crop top collection
Don't worry girl, shop our newest crop top collection and we'll make sure you're fashionable. At Olivia & Kate we keep up to date with the latest trends and when it comes to crop tops, we're your best bet.

Cute coloured cropped tops
Do you love the pastel trend? In our webshop you can buy crop tops in the hottest colors. What do you think of the Rina Green and Rina Blue, girl? These crop tops with short sleeves are too cute? If you prefer a less casual style, you should check out our Maddi crop tops! These ladies crop tops have a high, round neckline and long sleeves. The bodice of these tops fits nicely for a beautiful silhouette. These fine crop tops are available in the pastel colors lilac and light green, but for those who are looking for a good basic, there is also a crop top in black and a crop top in white.

Curvaseous crop tops
Do you want to emphasize your feminine shapes or just create more shape? We are fans of the Courtney crop tops. You will look great in these tops! The tops are buttoned at the front. The silky, smooth fabric makes this crop top extra feminine. We love it! What is really great? This bestseller does not only come in black and white! You can also choose a pink, army green or beige crop top or a dark blue top. Isn't that amazing!

Steal the show
Are you looking for a special crop top? Steal the show with a crop top with an unusual neckline and join THE trend of 2021. At Olivia & Kate's we think the turtleneck crop top is very cool! What do you think girl? Doesn't it look amazing when you combine our Noë white crop top with a skirt? We love turtlenecks! If you prefer a real summer crop topand want to show some more skin, you should check out our Jade! This crop top from our new collection has cute flowers along the v-neckline and flared sleeves for an extra cool effect. You've got to see this girl!

Fancy fabrics
It's not only a crop top with a special neckline that will steal the show! As said, crop tops made of different fabrics are super hip this year. Our Alize crop tops not only have beautiful lace along the v-neckline, but also pretty lace sleeves. Gotta love lace, right? This lace top comes in black, but the lace crop top also comes in white. Which one do you like better? We want them both, girl! Are you a real fitgirl or just crazy for a sports crop top? We are fans of the Elieke crop top. It is made of a great stretchy rib fabric, and looks cool and sporty. But last but not least, this list of crop tops made of special fabrics is not complete without putting the Fallon Green in the spotlight. In this shiny bright green long sleeve crop top with balloon sleeves you will not go unnoticed by others. A real showpiece for fashion-conscious girls with guts! Check it out!

Cool combos
Time to go shopping girl! Crop tops are indispensable must-haves for your 2021 wardrobe! But do you want to know how to combine crop tops? We'll help you out! Cropped tops are fortunately not difficult to style, but you have to match them to the occasion. Show some skin on the street, in the park or at casual events. On fancy occasions go all black by combining a black crop top with high black skinnies, and finish it off with your favo heels and beautiful jewelry. This way you can go out classy! At Olivia & Kate we sell beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings that complete your outfit. And don't forget to check out our beautiful leather handbags!

A black crop top or white crop top is the safest choice and looks great with high waist skinny jeans, but also with black pants. We are also really fans of a beautiful black lace top. If you combine a crop top with a skirt you will also look great.

One last fashion tip: contrasts always make an outfit better. Try combining a sporty crop top or bandeau top with a darkjacket, or with a cozy long cardigan. We're sure you'll look fabulous!

Order online
What are you waiting for girl? Come to our store and buy one or more new crop tops. This season you can't live without them! In our store we're sure you'll find more inspiration to start the spring and summer in style.

Or buy your new crop online! Shop a crop top set or crop top with skirt set in our webshop and be ready to shine babe! If you order before 23:30 in the Netherlands, you will have your new fashion items delivered the next day, thanks to our same day shipment. And do you spend more than 75 euros? Then you don't have to pay shipping costs either! Win!