Happy Women's Day

It's that time girls. It's international women's day! Today all women are put in the spotlight for a day. Whether you are a hard working mom, girlfriend or best friend. Women's Day is for everyone girls! This special day represents the sense of solidarity and combativeness of women around the world. This special day was created because women stood up for their rights in the field of suffrage and the labor force. On this day, the rights and fairness for all women are remembered. And that's why we want to put you girls in the spotlight on behalf of Olivia & Kate! We have an awesome promotion and a 10% sale for you! Don't miss this babe!

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Our power women!
On behalf of Olivia & Kate, we are also nominating 3 amazing power women. We have highlighted our power women and will tell you exactly why they are our power woman's of this year.

First of all our stunning Juliette louise johanna. Aka @Yo_jules. Juliette rocks it all! Juliette inspires women to feel powerful and sexy. Even on the not so good days. With a whopping 26.2k followers on Instagram, Juliette is a source of inspiration for all her followers. She is very confident and wears anything she wants. On her Instagram, she shows off all her fave outfits and accessories. Just the bio of Juliette her Instagram is super inspiring. Especially for young women.

In addition, Janine Kho. Our hard working mom. Janine shows us that being a full time mom and working hard can be combined very well together. AMAZING! On her Instagram she shows a lot of pictures of her fave job and her kids. How cute!? Janine is also totally into fashion. Janine shares all her fave fits on her Instagram as well. A mom and entrepreneur could therefore not miss in one power woman list.

And last but not least! Our lovely Vivian Hoorn, vivianhoorn. Photography, fashion and art, Vivian can do it all. She inspires women all over the world to be themselves and not think about what others think of them. Be you. Vivian thinks it's important that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own body. Whether you are thin, curvy or small. No worries girl. You are beautiful the way you are. Vivian therefore often posts pictures of her body in bikini or parts without to show everyone that no one is perfect. And that not everything you see on Instagram is so perfect. Happy Women's Day Vivian!

Therefore, these 3 power women were definitely not to be missed in our list on National Women's Day. Also at Olivia & Kate we want everyone to be comfortable and be themselves! We love you babes and don't forget to enjoy this wonderful day!

Outfit ideas
Of course, such a special occasion calls for a special outfit! This day is of course all about women. So pink, ruffles and lace is perfect for that. Here are some great outfit ideas for your special day. Lace has a sexy look. Go for example for our Aliza - Top. Super cute and sexy at the same time. But you can also opt for even more romantic and sexy. The Lina Black- Bra together with the Noli- Top are the perfect match to wear on Women's day. So shop this outfit with our 10% discount. Are you a real dress girl? Problem solved. Our Belle - Dresses are awesome! Go for pink or beige. Our Maddie - Dress has a completely different style, but is also very nice to wear on this day. Combine this dress with our Carter - Boots and you're ready to go. With all these outfits, you can enjoy your special day. Something is missing? Yes, we can't go out on the street without some nice jewelry. Our new Dolly- Earrings are very trendy and look great with the above mentioned outfits. The Posie- Necklace is also a must for Women's day. Super nice with a dress or top with V-neck or just with a high collar. These are available in gold and silver. Love it!
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Enjoy this special day ladies and happy shopping!

Lots of love
Olivia & Kate