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Shapewear should not be missing in your closet. When you wear shapewear it creates a flattering effect & makes you feel comfortable in your cute outfit! Wearing shapewear often makes you feel more comfortable and confident about your outfit and body! Some women link shapewear to a less sexy image than some more mainstream lingerie. Our shapewear shows that this doesn't have to be the case at all. At Olivia & Kate we have different kinds of shapewear. There's something for everyone! Are you curious about our best shapewear? Then read on...

Types of shapewear

We have shapewear bottoms in different colors and models. The right color for every outfit. We have shapewear pants in brown, black and beige. Of course it's not nice when your shapewear shows through your clothes! Choose the perfect color for under your clothes. In addition to long shorts, we also have shorts with shorter legs. Ideal under a short skirt or shorts! Are you not looking for shorts but for a shapewear body? For this you have also come to the right place! A shapewear bodysuit is useful under a dress that is a little see-through or very tight.

Besides the purpose of keeping your clothes from showing through, shapewear is of course also nice to wear to make sure your curves stand out! The shapewear shorts from Olivia & Kate are also super handy to wear under a skirt or dress that hangs loosely. When walking through the wind, you never have to worry again because you have shorts underneath! How nice is that! Also handy for going to a party ;)

The advantage of the Olivia & Kate shapewear body is that you can wear it as a shirt replacement! For example, if you normally wear a shirt under your blouse, you can choose to go for the body. It corrects your belly and looks beautiful at the same time! Girl, that's what you want!

Shop your best shapewear online or drop by our store in Haarlem. Not sure what size you need? Then come to our store in Haarlem to try on the shapewear. Next to all our shapewear we also have lots of nice dresses, skirts and other items you can combine with the shapewear!

Shapewear is not only ideal to wear under a dress or skirt, but also for example under a pair of slacks or tight pants. Shapewear makes sure your curves come out nicely and you often feel better in your skin!

Shapewear tips
When washing your shapewear items it is important to set the washing machine on a wool or silk cycle! It is also important to put your shapewear in a laundry bag. This will protect your shapewear. After the washing machine is finished, it is best to hang your shapewear on the clothesline and let it dry instead of putting your item in the dryer. It will lose its elasticity! Would be a shame, wouldn't it!

The best shapewear from Olivia & Kate is made of a fine fabric that is very comfortable. It also ensures that you don't get skin irritation and because of the fabric of the shapewear you sweat less! Omg, how nice!

Do's & don'ts with shapewear

It is important to take your time when putting on your shapewear. Put it on slowly so that it keeps the right shape. It is also important that your skin is dry and cool. If you have just gotten out of the shower, it is very difficult to put the shapewear on correctly. For shapewear with a high waist, it is best to pull it up under your bra. When you pull the shapewear up high, it stays on better and it will not sag as easily! Babe, that's what you want!

What you really shouldn't do when buying shapewear, is choosing a size that is too small. It won't fit well and it won't look good. Shapewear is tighter and therefore it is best to choose your own size! In addition to shapewear that is too small, you should also avoid wearing dark shapewear under light clothing. It is important to match the color of your shapewear with the color of the clothes you want to wear. This way you make sure that it is not visible! In addition, it's really a don't to choose shapewear that doesn't match your body type! Shapewear is chosen in most cases based on your body type. It is important to take this into account. When shape wear does not fit your body shape well, there is a good chance that it will not give the good effect.

Ordering shapewear

Shop your shapewear at Olivia & Kate and pay in different ways using our wide range of payment options! You can pay for your order via IDeal, cash card or with a Fashioncheque, VVV gift card or an Olivia & Kate gift card. Do you still have an Olivia & Kate discount code? Then enter it on the check out page and the discount will automatically be applied to your order value.

Need your shapewear fast? When you order from us on weekdays before 11:59 pm, it will be shipped to you the same day! And with an order of €75 or more, we also offer free shipping within the Netherlands. How great is that!

Can't choose and want to try the items on at home first? No problem! We have a return period of 14 days, enough time to decide which items you go for!

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