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Cute anklets

Of course, we love all kinds of jewellery, but no jewellery screams summer like ankle bracelets do. We love cute anklets! They instantly give you that summer feeling we all love, and apart from that, this year they’re also incredibly trendy. We have all kinds of different models of ankle bracelets. Many are also stainless steel! Amazingg! At Olivia & Kate we sell all kinds of different ankle bracelets that are in line with the latest fashion. What are you waiting for babe? Shop the best ankle bracelets and celebrate the summer!

Anklets for every occasion

Last year, bohemian anklets in Ibiza style were already super popular. Anklets with seashells, anklets with beads and anklets with rope: you get the picture, girl! The braided anklets that make you think of Ibiza are a very easy DIY. Make your own anklet from rope, anklet from leather or anklet with elastic. How long should an anklet be? An ankle bracelet is typically around 30 cm long. By attaching shells, beads, little bells or turquoise charms, you very easily make a cheap anklet with which you’ll steal the show on the beach or at the park.

This year, you don’t have to reserve your anklets for those moments you’re on the beach with your feet in the sand. THE anklet trend of 2021 are golden anklets and silver anklets that can also create a very refined look. You can combine them with all sorts of outfits, also if you’re not on the beach or at the park. We love it! Because of this trend you no longer have to combine anklets with casual outfits: golden ankle bracelets and silver ankle bracelet scan also pull your classy look together.

Golden anklets and silver anklets don’t only go well with your bikini or beach dress, but they will also look great with an amazing pair of cropped jeans, a white shirt and low shoes. Or combine an ankle bracelet with summer dresses, skirts or pair of shorts. Buy a golden or silver anklet and create fun combinations. Will you pick heels or flat shoes? It doesn’t matter girl, with a timeless and stylish golden or silver anklet you will take every outfit to a higher level, and you’ll look totally fashionable. Isn’t that what we all dream of?

Golden and silver anklets

Olivia & Kate’s collection contains a large variety of golden anklets and silver anklets. These are not of the DIY type, because they are way more sophisticated than the Ibiza style ones, which makes them great in terms of combining them with other fashion items. Not only when it comes to combining them with all sorts of ladies’ clothes, but also with all sorts of other pieces of jewellery! Because a girl can’t have enough jewellery, so it’s great if you can mix and match. Combine a gold-coloured anklet of silver-coloured anklet with pretty earrings, bracelets and necklaces in the same colour. De golden anklets and silver anklets of Olivia & Kate’s are not anklet from real gold or anklet from real silver. They are made of stainless steel. The big advantage of stainless steel is that is doesn’t discolours. Isn’t that handy? It also makes the anklets more affordable, without losing the luxurious look of gold and silver.

This season, the anklets with chains really are into fashion. They work well with a pair of light-coloured jeans and flat shoes. The Jocelyn Golden has larger chain links, while the Zaza Golden Anklet and the Zaza Silver Anklet have smaller chain links with small pearls attached. Which one is your fave? We can’t choose! We’ll tell you something else that’s HOT at the moment: combining multiple anklets in the same colour. The Lydia for example, is made up of two anklets that share the same clasp. The Cosy is another anklet that combines two into one. Both the Lydia and the Cosy are available in gold and in silver, so the choice is yours, babe!

Apart from anklets with chain links, the collection of Olivia and Kate also offers very fine golden anklets and silver anklets. An Arica or Dory anklet will go well together with a pretty dress and beautiful pumps. Forget about the beach and bring a summery anklet into the office or use them for some extra sparkle with a classier outfit.

A third type of anklet that’s crazy popular this year, are the golden and silver anklets with letters. This trend first appeared among the necklaces and bracelets, so of course it didn’t take long before anklets with cute words showed up. In our collection you’ll find the Shailene Anklet. It is a silver or golden anklet with little charms forming the word LOVE. We LOVE it for sure!

Your jewellery box can’t go without one of these simple, refined and timeless anklets, girl! They’re so versatile that you could wear them almost every day. And if there’s a day that the sun isn’t out, bring out the summer yourself with one of these fashionable anklets!

Shop for anklets

Do you already know which anklet you’d wanna add to your collection of jewellery, or are you still in doubt? You’re more than welcome to visit our clothing store in Haarlem of course. We sell beautiful jewellery, but we also sell ladies’ clothes and lifestyle and interior design items. Come shopping with your BFF or simply come to find inspiration.

If you rather shop using your phone or computer, then that’s totally okay as well. Check our online collection and order the cutest ladies’ anklets and other trendy items in our online shop. This is also a very easy way to order a great gift for someone else. If you chose to order and you want to pay after delivery, we recommend paying with Klarna. This will allow you to only pay once you decided which items you want to keep. You don’t have to hesitate. Order your faves and decide at home! If you order before 23:30, you’ll already receive your new fashion items the very next day. Isn’t that awesome? And if you order for €75 or more, you’ll get free shipping in the NL. That will leave you more money to shop. Win!

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