Fans have been wondering one thing at every barbie premiere in recent weeks: which version of the world-famous doll would actress Margot Robbie have dressed up as again today? Would it be the 1960s London Barbie or the 1980s career barbie?

The movie barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken...

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Fans have been wondering one thing at every barbie premiere in recent weeks: which version of the world-famous doll would actress Margot Robbie have dressed up as again today? Would it be the 1960s London Barbie or the 1980s career barbie?

The movie barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken premiered Tuesday, July 18, and is leading worldwide for popularity of the doll and the color pink. The latter is also known as barbie core: Barbie and pink as fashion inspiration. And as often happens, this is not a coincidence but a big and clever marketing campaign by barbie owner Mattel. But the biggest asset of all seems to be lead actor Margot Robbie, who dresses every premiere as a barbie once released by the company.

In the movie, Barbie and Ken are exiled from the perfect fantasy world they live in because they are not perfect enough, therefore they go on a journey of discovery in the real world in search of true beauty. Which barbie movie was always your favorite?

Barbie clothes

Barbie clothing refers to the outfits and clothing accessories designed for Barbie dolls. These garments are often tailored to fit the body perfectly and are available in a wide range of styles and designs.

Barbie is strongly associated with the color pink. Pink is traditionally the color in the Barbie world and plays a big role in the doll's iconic image. Most people immediately think of the color when they think of Barbie.

The Barbie dolls are often decorated with shades of pink. The clothes Barbie wears, her accessories, play sets and even the packaging and advertising promotions are often designed in pink colors. Even crazier there are even barbie houses designed! Pink represents a girly, cheerful and glamorous beauty leather that perfectly fits Barbie's image as a fashionable but mostly trendy doll.

pink theme is one of the reasons why she has been a beloved and iconic doll around the world for decades. Although Barbie also comes in other colors a styles, pink is without a doubt possibly connected to the character and the Barbie brand.

Barbie pink dress

Pink dresses come in different shades, ranging from pale pink and pastel pink to fuchsia and magenta. With dresses, the Barbie pink color is often known for femininity, romance and softness. Pink dresses can come in different styles and designs to suit different different occasions.

Airy and light summer dresses are ideal for hot summer days, cocktail dresses: short or midi dresses are in pink colors perfect for events or parties. Evening dresses: long, elegant dresses in pink shades suitable for formal occasions and gala parties. Wedding dresses: pink wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular with modern brides who want a soft and romantic look on their wedding day in addition casual dresses can be worn for everyday wear.

Barbie pink tops
Pink tops are garments that have different styles and designs ranging from casual to formal wear. They are available from us in different shades of pink, pale pink, pastel pink, salmon pink, fuchsia and more.

Some popular styles of pink tops include t-shirts and tank tops they are casual and comfortable for everyday wear, perfect to pair with jeans, shorts or skirts. Blouses are stylish and versatile tops suitable for both formal and casual occasions in addition crop tops that expose the belly or end just above the waist, ideal for trendy and summer looks.

Barbie pink skirts and pants
Some popular styles of skirts are skater skirts with a flared shape that create a playful and flirty effect, ideal for a summer look. Also, midi skirts that fall to just below the knee, making them suitable for all occasions and maxi skirts a long skirt perfect for a bohemian or summer look.

Pink pants really shouldn't be missing from your closet either, you have countless options to complement your outfits in different styles and fits. Our favorite pants in pink include wide leg pants with a wider fit, which are comfortable and airy also perfect for hot days. Pantalons especially formal pants that can be worn for office or business occasions where you can still stand out a bit with the pink color. Not to forget the skinny jeans a tight pants that fit well around the body, giving them a trendy look.

Barbie pink coats and blazers

Pink coats or jackets are usually made of fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester, or other materials, and are in the color pink. Light pink coats can give a soft and elegant look, ideal for spring or summer wear in addition, a bright pink coat is more daring and makes a fashionable statement.

Jackets can come in different styles, such as trench coats, blazers, biker jackets, quilted jackets, and so on. They can be worn over different outfits to really complete your outfit!

Pink blazers are formal jackets in the color pink that are often worn as part of a suit for women. Blazers are usually structured and fitted or oversized, giving them an elegant and professional look. They can be worn at formal event or as part of a chic outfit for special occasions.

in the color pink can be paired with matching pink pants or skirts for a full ' pink look', or they can be combined with neutral colors such as black, white and gray to create a more balanced and subtle look.

Wearing pink jackets and blazers requires some style sensitivity, as the color can be striking. It is important to choose the right shade of pink to match your skin tone and preferences. Try it out with different combinations and accessories to create a style that suits you and in which you feel comfortable.

Barbie pink accessories

Pink accessories can add a fun and feminine touch to your outfit. Whether you like subtle hints of pink or like to stand out with bold accents, there are super many fun accessories to choose from.

A pink handbag or clutch can add a splash of color to your look whether you choose a crossbody bag or a clutch for night out, a pink bag can make a statement. Jewelry is also a super fun addition to your outfit such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with pink zirconia stones or glitter. You also have awesome pink scarves, pink hats, pink shoes and last but not least a pink belt to complete your barbie look.

Ordering a Barbie outfit
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