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Playsuits are a total musthave!

A playsuit is a fashion item that should definitely be part of your wardrobe. Don’t miss out babe! Playsuits are incredibly trendy and suitable for all sorts of different occasions. At
Olivia & Kate, we’re a big fan of fun playsuits, and we think you shouldn’t mis out on this trend. Do you want to buy a playsuit? Of course, you can pass by our clothing store, where
we not only sell ladies’ clothes, but also items for lifestyle & interior. But online you can also find these cool playsuits in our webshop. On our website you’ll very easily buy your new
favourite playsuit, and while you’re at it, check if there are some playsuits on sale. Don’t you exactly know the difference between jumpsuits and playsuits? Or could you use some
inspiration? Continue reading about these musthaves, because they’re totally hot, babe!

Playsuits: what are they exactly

As a real fashion chick you probably know what a playsuit is, or maybe you even own a nice playsuit outfit. Good for you! Ladies’ playsuits should definitely be part of your wardrobe!
But for girls that don’t know the difference between playsuits, jumpsuits and dungarees, we’ll explain it here! We’ve got your back, hun!
Most people know what dungarees are, because they’ve been in and out of fashion for a long time. A dungaree is basically an overall with an open top: the long or short legs are being
held up by two suspender-like pieces of fabric. Tops are generally worn underneath the dungaree, which makes them great to combine with a pretty crop top or cute shirt with flower print. Even though dungarees are not a new trend, they’ve made a huge comeback and are very popular nowadays, especially at music festivals. We’re pretty sure that if you ask your mom, she will remember a time during which dungarees were in fashion. And with playsuits that’s definitely not the case, because they’re a new trend your mom probably never heard of. But let’s zoom in on jumpsuits first. A jumpsuit typically is a long pair of pants that’s attached to the top. When hearing the word jumpsuit, you initially might think of a chic outfit, but they come in all sorts, prints and sizes. There are jumpsuits with spaghetti straps, but also jumpsuits with long sleeves. They come in plain unicolours, but you can also shop for jumpsuits with a fun print. All in all, jumpsuits are suitable when you want to be perfectly dressed when going out, but they’re also great when you want to rock a comfy look. The possibilities are endless girl!
The playsuit is a trendy variant on the jumpsuit, because here the pants and top also consist of the same piece of fabric. However, the legs are short, and the top has spaghetti straps or short sleeves. That’s why playsuits make a real summer outfit. What do you think? Quickly shop for a summer playsuit in our webshop and be ready for the new season. Or do you rather buy a jumpsuit? Spoil yourself girl! Buy a playsuit AND a jumpsuit at Olivia & Kate. Why would you choose if you can also buy both of them! We don’t judge!

Womens’ playsuits for a playful summer

Start the summer in style and buy one of our ladies’ playsuits online! But be quick girl, because playsuitsare totally HOT! At Olivia & Kate, we love their versatility. That’s why we
sell boho playsuits for festivals, playsuits for a good party, denim playsuits that you can wear instead of hotpants, and sexy playsuits with an open back for a girl’s night out! Did you know there are even baby playsuits and playsuit pyjamas? Not very surprising, because playsuits are super comfortable.
Quickly head over to our webshop for playsuitsof your favourite brands. Will you pick a River Island playsuit, a Boohoo playsuit or do you prefer a playsuit from Esprit? We have the perfect playsuit for everyone: small sizes or plus size playsuits are also available. Whether you want to cuddle up on the couch, enjoy the sun in your backyard or go out with your BFFs: a playsuit will always allow you to look very fashionable! If you want to buy a playsuit, Olivia & Kate will present you with a large choice of cute summer playsuits. Show off them legs girl! Will you rock a stylish white playsuit, a green playsuitpaired with leather boots, a black ladies playsuit for a classic look, a pink playsuit for real summer vibes or maybe even a glitter playsuit for some extra glam? Have some fun with it girl!
The choice is yours! Whichever one you’ll take; we’re convinced you’ll look amazing! Are you off to the beach? Wear your bikini underneath a vibrant summer playsuit and pair it
with open sandals, a lovely beach bag and new pair of sunglasses. And don’t forget about your jewellery! At Olivia & Kate’s you can shop for the best earrings, bracelets and
necklaces. On top of that we also sell cute hair accessories to keep your wavy beach hair out of your face. Or how do you feel about a trendy summer hat? Bring out the sun! We’re ready for summer!
Do you still think it’s a little cold outside? No worries, girl! Blazer + playsuit = a golden combo! And if it gets warmer in the afternoon? Ditch the blazer and you’ll be very happy
with your playsuit dress or playsuit with short sleeves!

Shop online or visit our store

Did you get excited about our fun playsuits? You’re more than welcome in our store of course, but it’s also very convenient to shop for them online! If you order before 23:30 in the
NL, you’ll probably receive your new fashion items the very next day! And we recommend you to keep shopping for another while, because if you order over €75,-, you don’t have to pay any shipping fees within the Netherlands. Money can better be spend on clothes than on shipping babe!
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and we’ll see you soon in our store or webshop! Happy shopping!