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Jewelry with enchanting sparkle and personal meaning, are a wonderful gift in themselves. But don't know where to put them all? Olivia & Kate's jewelry boxes are not only a functional storage solution, but also a wonderful gift in themselves. Discover below why a jewelry box can be the perfect gift and what options you have to surprise your loved one in a fun and special way.

To properly store all your favorite jewelry, use an Olivia & Kate jewelry box. With us you have two different jewelry boxes a smaller and larger size. Are your jewelry precious to you? Make sure you keep them in style, which is why these stylish jewelry boxes are ideal for you. The jewelry boxes have multiple compartments so you can store your favorite jewelry. So you can keep a pair of earrings, your most beautiful ring and a necklace or bracelet in the box, with the jewelry boxes you can keep your jewelry neatly together. How nice is that! So you never have to search for your jewelry and extra important the chance of damage is greatly reduced. A jewelry box is indispensable in your jewelry collection.

Gift tips
Want to spoil someone with a gift as luxurious as their jewelry? Then consider our luxury jewelry boxes. Think velvety lining, glossy finishes and thoughtful details that take the storage experience to the next level. A luxury jewelry box adds an extra layer of sophistication to the recipient's jewelry collection. Our Olivia & Kate jewelry boxes are the perfect gift tip!

Whether you are looking for a gift for your bestie's birthday, anniversary with your lover or just a little something, adding a jewelry box to a purchased piece of jewelry is a thoughtful gift that is both practical and beautiful. In addition, of course, you want to create a special place to keep the jewelry well. It not only shows care for the recipient's jewelry, but also adds a touch of luxury to their gift and daily routine. So which jewelry with our stylish mini jewelry organizer will be your next perfect gift? Be sure to take a look at our website because every week we add the very best jewelry to our new collection!

For the minimalist who loves clean lines and contemporary aesthetics, Olivia & Kate's modern jewelry box is a perfect gift. We chose a simple design with smooth surfaces and subtle accents like the gold lettering. These jewelry boxes fit effortlessly into any modern decor and offer a perfect jewelry storage solution.

Do you occasionally lose one? And do you also find it so tedious to untangle your jewelry? Often we store our jewelry in bags or have it loose in the drawer or scattered around your bedroom. Once you do not have a fixed place for all your jewelry and you regularly lose them this is a real shame. Our jewelry boxes have a handy storage system, so you in a practical way all your beautiful jewelry together and can keep organized. How convenient is that, what more could you want? We at Olivia & Kate know better than anyone how important it is to keep and care for your jewelry in a jewelry box. Make a party out of your jewelry stash or composed jewelry to give as a gift and add the most beautiful gems to our stylish jewelry box, great to also add it to your interior next to, for example, our lovely Marie-Stella-Maris scented candle.

Time to travel
When packing your suitcase for a city trip or a short vacation, you naturally think carefully about how to pack your suitcase in the most convenient and organized way possible. Of course it's great to think about which nice outfits you are going to take with you and wear there. To complete your look you need jewelry. Which jewelry set is handy for traveling? And how do you take it with you? Do you always wear certain jewelry sets together or loose jewelry? With the jewelry boxes from Olivia & Kate you can easily take your jewelry sets with you. What a shame not to wear your jewelry on your amazing trip. Worried about losing all your precious gold jewelry or silver jewelry? We have the perfect solution to keep your finest jewelry safe in our jewelry boxes from Olivia & Kate. With our jewelry boxes you can easily keep all your jewelry sets together. This way you can easily keep them together while traveling and it won't take up much space in your suitcase. Super convenient space-saving jewelry storage if you ask us!

Ordering jewelry boxes

You can buy jewelry boxes online with us and pay in different ways using our wide range of payment options. It is also possible to place an order with a Fashioncheque, VVV gift card or an Olivia & Kate gift card. Do you still have an Olivia & Kate discount code? Then you can enter it on the check out page, the discount will be automatically applied to your order value.

Do you need your jewelry box quickly? When you order from us on weekdays before 11:59 pm, it will be shipped to you the same day! Can't choose between our bracelets, necklaces and want to check it out at home first? No problem! We have a return period of 14 days, so plenty of time to decide which one you go for! For hygienic reasons earrings can unfortunately not be returned.

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