Capsule Collection Jewelry

OH MY! Are you still looking for the perfect necklace or can your jewelry collection use an upgrade? Then take a look at our newest jewelery collection girls! We have nice subtle necklaces but also great earrings and much more in our collection! You have to take a look and create your own jewelry party girl!

Subtle necklaces

Necklaces should not be missing in our collection! We have put the cutest necklaces for you on a list. Are you crazy about chains with charms? Then you're definitely at the right place at Olivia & Kate! We have a great selection of necklaces with fun charms, such as the Suzi and Sisly Necklace. This one has a charm with a snake. This trend is totally hip girls! Are you the cute type of girl? Then go for example for our Posie or Tori - Necklace. Super cute with the love or amour text! All these necklaces are also super fun to combine with each other. The best jewelry party you create by mixing and matching!

Ear party!
Looking for the perfect earrings to complete your ear party? Shop now at our jewelry collection the cutest earrings! Earrings are super important. They can give a certain atmosphere to your outfit! Create a real night out look from a basic outfit! We have earrings with beautiful stones in gold and silver. These earrings are very subtle but are also very nice for a party or special day! The Kesha and Elma - Earrings are to fall in love with. These earrings are star and heart shaped and pretty much go with any outfit girl! Subtle but still present! These earrings are also definitely very fun to wear together. Super trendy!

Ear cuffs
are also not to be missed this year! Create even more atmosphere by wearing ear cuffs. Shop these our ear cuffs with charms or glittering stones on them. Also nice to wear for girls who have a helix. 

Trendy bracelets

Do you already have the perfect necklaces and earrings but not yet a nice matching bracelet can find? Don't worry girl! Olivia & Kate has the perfect bracelets for you! Many of our bracelets are adjustable to your own size. Super convenient! We have bracelets with charms but also the basic ones. The Filou - Bracelets are totally trendy this year! You can't miss out on them girl! We also have the Suzi - Bracelet. This is great to wear together with the Suzi - Necklace. The perfect match for a complete look! The Dulce Bracelets are the perfect bracelets to wear together with a watch. Shop now girls!

Put a ring on it girl!

Of course we sell super nice rings at Olivia & Kate. There is enough choice for everyone babe! There are also many rings that you can wear together with our other matching jewelry. Take for example our Amour - Ring! Too nice to leave girl and very nice to combine with for example the Posie - necklace to stay in the amour atmosphere. All rings are also to combine with our other rings from our collection. Are you looking for a ring with some more sparkle? Then go for the Lavena - Ring or Justy - ring. Subtle and super festive!

Are you ready for the new season?

You can not enter the new season without our awesome ankle bracelets. Of course we also have gold and silver in our collection. These anklets are great for a day at the beach or an afternoon in the sun on the terrace. We have anklets with quotes on it or just a classy subtle anklet. The Tanya - Anklets even have pearl details on them! WOW! You can wear more than one at a time or just vary a lot. But how do you style such an anklet now? We are going to help you with that! You want of course that your jewelry is clearly visible. A short dress or shorts is perfect to show off your jewelry. Wear for example nice flip flops or heels. Like the Diandra - Flip flops and our pretty Serena - Heels. Our new Loisa - Maxi Dress is also perfect for this. You can wear anything under this dress. Dress, sandals and an anklet and you're good to go girl!

How to store your jewelry?

Jewelry is great, but it can also get lost or broken very quickly if you don't handle it in the right way. Therefore we have put together a list of ways for you girls to store your jewelry. This way you can store your jewelry and it looks super nice and stylish too! For necklaces, bracelets and earrings the Shell - Jewelry Stand is the perfect solution. It is available in gold. The shell detail looks super cute on it. Therefore, this item is not only very nice as an accessory but it is also super practical to hang your jewelry on. At Olivia & Kate's we also have many cute storage boxes. These are super handy for storing your little earrings or rings. So you always know where to find them babe. The Pearl Three - Box has a super cute design with gold and shell details. This is also perfect together with our jewelery stand! Still a fan of a bigger box? We got you! Our Moon & Stars Velvet Box is very spacious and has nice details. Larger items such as a watch or larger statement earrings fit into this box. So take a quick look at the interior category! 

As you can see there is plenty of choice girl! All of this jewelery is available in gold and silver. Also, many of our jewelery pieces are stainless steel. This means they can't discolor! Amazing right! All these pieces of jewelery are great for the spring/summer season! So take a look at our newest jewelry collection on our webshop or in our store. Shop your faves! And of course don't forget to check out our Spring collection! Because it's freakin amazing girls!

Happy Shopping girls!